Poppet Partnership is a specialist division of the Poppet family. Our objective is to create new business opportunities and projects by encouraging the building of long-term relationships with suppliers and contractors nationwide through our Hybrid Hub™ model.

As we scale our business across the UK, we recognise that growth will only ever be the result of securing valuable partnerships with local businesses and construction enterprises. At its core, our Partnership division is a unified collective of like-minded businesses seeking commercial growth and the value of shared experience in equal measure. In essence, the Hybrid Hub™ model brings a more refined network of invested businesses to the table, thereby providing a much richer range of services and shared strength to clients. This fully integrated business model gives back to the local economy delivering outstanding projects with total flexibility for a host of Public and Private sector clients, no matter the location, the discipline, or the size.

What’s in it for me, you may ask?

Ultimately, the creation of more work and commercial growth will be seen by many businesses as the primary motivator for working with Poppet Partnership. But as we grow, there will be many other factors for collaborating through the Hybrid Hub™. As an example, we are confident that the opportunity to share information on legal matters, funding support, talent attrition will be equally well received by our partners. Add to this the training and development resources that will be available through Poppet Academy, it’s easy to see how all partner businesses will benefit from this new alliance.

We also understand the power that a collective can have on encouraging leadership and innovation to the construction industry. Unlike other ‘Contractor / Supplier’ relationships, we fully respect the local knowledge, community spirit and good old-fashioned work ethic of our collaborators – which is why our Hybrid Hub™ partners are very carefully vetted and considered.

Poppet Partnership – The nationwide contractor of choice.