Join Team Poppet

We're always looking for talented
candidates to join our team

  • Opportunity.

    Poppet provides the opportunity to gain broad experience, working in all areas of construction. We actively encourage growth and career development, and believe in a healthy work-life balance.

  • Training.

    We provide industry-recognised training and support, not just at the start of your employment, but continuously. To grow together and prosper is the very essence of Poppet – we don’t just want you to work for us, we want you to work with us, to build your future and the future of Poppet.

  • Culture.

    Our goal is to thrive together. We believe that the best teams are built on trust and loyalty, not egos and personal agendas. At Poppet, we place great importance on the well-being of our staff and encourage a good work-life balance. We always take the time to ensure people are treated with value and respect.

  • Reward.

    With a focus on employee accomplishments and growth, Poppet offers Careers, not just jobs. At Poppet, you’ll find opportunities for promotion, a competitive salary & benefits, and the opportunity to make a difference.