Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement – Paul Goadby, Founder

“To build trust in our work, loyalty in our relationships, context in our values, future in our processes, and to empower a new generation of being – we call this Hybrid Generation.”

The founder of Poppet Construction, Paul Goadby, has worked within the construction industry for many years. Paul has undertaken many roles within the industry, all from the ground up.

Hybrid Generation is a pledge to do better. To make a positive impact on the construction industry and provide a no-nonsense fresh approach to construction. Incorporating the latest technologies and working practises. Continuing to push the boundaries of the modern age and way of thinking, mixed with the lessons learnt from the past.

Health, safety and well-being underpin our philosophy of quality over quantity. Always taking me to ensure people are treated with value and respect and above all encourage a good work-life balance.

To motivate and inspire a new generation of builder;

A Hybrid Generation.