Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Poppet Construction was created by a drive to do Good business in Construction – good with a capital ‘G’. Our Mission Statement is to build trust in our work, loyalty in our relationships, context in our values, future in our processes, and to empower a new generation of being; the Hybrid Generation.

We simply cannot meet these goals without acknowledging our responsibility to our staff and our clients. Health & Safety, it goes without saying, is of the utmost importance to us. We are constantly evaluating our practices to ensure that we’re leading our industry to new levels of commitment to Health &  Safety, in order to protect our staff, our customers and the public.

But, beyond Health & Safety, a vital part of our company culture at Poppet Construction is Well being. Taking time to ensure people are treated with value and respect is part of our daily practice and, for our team, we work hard to encourage a good work-life balance. We recognise that communities are built on trust and loyalty, and we see our team as our central community; their well being is vital to us – and to our success in delivering our absolute best to our clients. Health & Safety and Well being underpin our philosophy of quality over quantity and our commitment to Evolution through Education means we are constantly improving and growing as a company.