Walthamstow, London


12 weeks



Scope of works:

  • Break out existing 350mm slab
  • Provide new 550m sq raft slab 200mm thick
  • New drainage and services to suit

Project Details:
Poppet Groundworks have worked with many councils in the South East, including London, and we were thrilled to work with Walthamstow council on developing their new depot, a 550m2 unit which will provide workspace and containment for council vehicles under repair. The existing concrete yard has not been developed on for a number years and so the real risks to this project were below the existing concrete yard. Firstly, the thickness and number of slabs on the yard had previously been poured over each other, over a number of years, which proved difficult to remove. In addition to this we unearthed railway lines which added to the challenge, as well as discovering that the soil below the slab was considered a high hazardous material due to the metal content. The project also required an UXO survey as the area was heavily bombed during the war. We worked with Cosmur Construction on this project, who are a long-standing client of Poppet Groundworks.