Why our culture-driven approach sets us apart

“At Poppet, we put the needs of those we work with at the centre of everything”

If you’ve seen much of Poppet Construction online, you’ll have heard the term Hybrid Generation.

The Hybrid Generation charter is the foundation Poppet was built on; it’s our pledge to make positive change in the construction industry, through education, safety and good working practices. Our charter relates recognised construction standards to the needs of real people.

And that’s really what the charter is all about – real people. Before founding Poppet, I saw first-hand the damage that can be done by ignoring the humanity of the people who work with and for you. The construction industry has many problems, but one I knew I could tackle head on was the lack of Company Culture  I had experienced and heard about from, well, every one of my comrades.

At Poppet, we put the needs of those we work with at the centre of everything. In doing that, we have learned that what both our customers and our own people desire more than anything is clarity and structure. Without that clarity, there are too many opportunities for miscommunication, mistakes and, perhaps most importantly, distrust.

We also found that, the most effective way to ensure we maintain our open and communicative environment is to prioritise mindset when recruiting. We truly believe that mindset is just as important as skillset – or even more important, given that most skills can be taught, but re-aligning someone’s mindset can be much more challenging!

Here at Poppet Construction, we have identified that for every skill we require in our business, there is a mind set we can align to it. And, furthermore, if our people have the mindset, we are able to train them in the skill set the ‘Poppet’ way, resulting in an aligned workforce.

In more recent months, with the pandemic highlighting to many of us the importance of valuing each other, we’ve seen that all businesses are addressing people value more and more. Given what we’ve been through as a global collective, connectivity and human interaction is now on everybody’s radar – and we’re excited by the possibilities this shift in mindset may bring for the future. Change (on a grand scale) was certainly due, and it looks like it’s coming.

And of course, when considering the effect of prioritising your people, Poppet can testify that by focusing on who we work with, rather than whether their existing skill set ticks every box, we have been able to focus on training where required, development for all and owning the Hybrid narrative that we’ve created.

With a focus on Company Culture, you really can create a new generation within your industry – in our case, that’s the Hybrid Generation.